When a disaster happens, many people step up to help. First responders, Police, Fire, Soldiers, National Guard, Red Cross, Doctors, Nurses and more see a problem and take action to set things right. Cheyenne Veterans Administration Registered Nurse Marge Melaragno. immediately volunteered to head to post-hurricane Harvey Houston to help in any way she could.

Once there, she found there were plenty of different bases to cover many different shifts. Many of the local VA personnel had lost their homes and the support of the thousands of nurses from across the country helped to fill this need and many others.

Saturday morning, after 10 days in Texas, as Marge was waiting for a shuttle to take her and others to the airport, I asked her about what she saw and she said “Not much.”  They arrived at night and were either at the VA hospital or back at their hotel in downtown Houston. They were all warned to not go out and about without company, for safety reasons.

Basically, they were there to help, and that’s pretty much all they did. Typical nurses, dedicated to the welfare of others. I thank Marge and all who went to assist in the wake of a most destructive disaster.

The next disaster is Irma, and that will take a lot to fix as well. Thanks for all of the Americans helping Americans.

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