The photo at the top was a group of young ladies raiding money for a community splash pad.

Twenty-seven block parties going on all at once in one night? That's Cheyenne Wyoming for you. The city calls it the Neighborhood Night Out.

Parents and kids at the playground

The event is 9 years old and is designed to bring neighbors, businesses and police together to recognize and prevent crime in the community.

"Really, what this is all about is strengthening those community ties," said Cheyenne Police Department spokesman Officer Kevin Malatesta.

Cheyenne Gunslingers show up to protect the public
"(It's) a great way to get to know your neighbors (and) engage with the officers in a non-working type of way," he added.
Fish Faces for everyone.

Those who don't have a party where they live were able to go downtown the depot and attend the police department's party.

Dinner in the grass

Special thanks to Tim Mandese for the photos.