Finding that perfect spot for your pooch to exercise can be challenging. At this point, I've tried just about every park in Cheyenne!

Here's my conclusion as to most dog friendly parks in Cheyenne!

1. Lions Park - TONS of space, trails to walk on, and of course, the water!

2. Cahill Park - Lots of room, space to let your dog run, and plenty of trails connecting to the Greenway.

3. North Park  - Near Ridge and Mynear St. this is a great open area with many trails. The only time it's crowded it's during soccer practice!

4. Sun Valley Park - Right in the middle of the Sun Valley neighborhood, this park has many activity options for dogs as well as humans.

5. Holliday Park - Easily one of Cheyenne's finest parks, the only reason it's #5 is because it's right next to East Lincolnway. Leashes are recommended.

We hope this helps in the quest to keep your dogs happy! Feel free to disagree or weigh in with your favorite parks in the comments section or our Facebook page!

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