The holiday party season is upon us! What better time to introduce a party-on-wheels to Cheyenne?

Let's give a big Wyoming welcome to the Tipsy Tumbleweed. "We bring the party to you," says owner and operator Anne Zumo. Pop-up party trailers, food trucks, and traveling venues are all the rage these days, and I am 100% here for it. So is Anne, who explained that the Tipsy Tumbleweed came about from her love of party planning and desire to bring fun to the community without being tied down.

"I've always wanted to do a pop-up of some kind. But I didn't want to be tied down." Anne said. "I love party planning, and it evolved from there. I started looking at trailers and found one on consignment in Texas. The owner said it wouldn't stay on the market I bought it and then told my husband." she laughed. Tom Zumo good-naturedly hopped on the bandwagon, and thus, Tipsy Tumbleweed was born.

Party on Wheels: What's a Mobile Party Trailer? 

Tipsy Tumbleweed brings the party to you, literally. Customers can rent the trailer for various party uses. "We can host a bar, sure." Anne said, "Hire bartenders and everything. But," she added, "it's not just a bar. The Tipsy Tumbleweed can host a dessert cart, snack bar, taco bar, whatever you need."

The Zumos are working with Jamie at The Boardroom in Cheyenne to craft menus of charcuterie boards, s'mores boards, and other treats for clients of the Tipsy Tumbleweed.

Why Call It 'Tipsy Tumbleweed?'

The choice of name is a clever play on the Zumos' other business, Tumbleweed Honey. You've probably seen their products at local farmer's markets or small businesses like City Drug. It's doubly fitting - Anne didn't want the business tied down in a brick-and-mortar building, and like a tumbleweed, the trailer flits from place to place, serving Cheyenne's party needs.

More on Tipsy Tumbleweed

Visit Tipsy Tumbleweed on Facebook or Instagram @Tipsytumbleweedtrailer for more info. Click here to head to its Facebook page.

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