Have you ever tried fresh honey right from the honeycomb?

That's one of the many fresh, locally produced, items for sale at the Tuesday Farmers Markets returning to Cheyenne's Frontier Mall on June 17 and running through October 7.

The Tuesday Farmers Markets run from 3 to 6:30 p.m. in the Frontier Mall parking lot west of Sears and includes products from all around our region.

Other items featured include:

  • fresh local and organic produce
  • gourmet pasta
  • local honey
  • fresh eggs
  • baked goods
  • local meats and cheese
  • smoked fish
  • local preserves
  • fresh salsa and sauces
  • local candies and popcorns
  • gluten-free products
  • natural body care products
  • crafts
  • take home barbeque

Eat fresher, healthier foods while supporting suppliers and growers right in our community.

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