In her time she was the fastest general aviation aircraft a private citizen could buy. This 1948 BEECHCRAFT A35 BONANZA is for sale in Casper, Wyoming.

If you're wondering, how can a plane this old still be airworthy, it's because planes like this are not flown as much as cars are driven, and they are much better cared for than your family car.

Fast for its time meant a cruise speed of 148 knots, which is 170.32 mph ground speed, on a calm day. Give this old girl a slight tailwind and watch her go.

Its V tail was a new innovation at the time. Beech-craft no longer makes them.

The interior is still beautiful, but, by today's standards, it might cause someone to chuckle a little. Drapes in the windows? Really? Even the dash wowed people with its state of the art look, back then. Now we wow over how wonderfully retro it appears.

A new paint job and a little love on the interior and she is a classic beauty.


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