When the United States Mint released the Wyoming quarter in 2007, some of the coins featured a hilarious and disgusting mistake. The "Pooping Horse" quarter is now a highly sought-after item for coin collectors across the country.

An error in the stamping process caused a die break between the tail and the backside of Wyoming's iconic bucking horse mascot. The mistake resulted in an unfortunately placed "chunk of metal" on the coin that looks like Steamboat is dropping a steamer.

Experts claim the pooping horse coins are rare, which makes them among the most valuable state quarters currently in circulation. A Wyoming pooping horse quarter in good condition could fetch up to $25.

"There are no other varieties like this on eBay right now, so it's not a common error," a collector from Easy PZ Coin Hunting said in a YouTube video. "A quarter like this probably will build some steam in the future and have quite a bit of value."

The pooping horse is one of several errors found on Wyoming quarters. Some quarters from the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia were struck with a double die around the saddle. Another die break appears to show a line from the horse's hoof to the date on the bottom of the coin.


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