Google Trends can reveal some surprising yet boring facts, at least when it comes to Wyoming.

While Google searches show the most popular recipes requests from each state, you would expect The Cowboy State to lean toward “How do you cook Antelope? Or chili? You know, something “wild-westy…”

Thrillist looked at a year’s worth of data and found that the most searched for recipe in Wyoming is for.. Coleslaw. Yep, coleslaw.

While I like coleslaw, it is not some complicated epicurean delight for an educated palate. Its coleslaw. A great side to serve with BBQ brisket or maybe a grilled sandwich, but it’s just shredded cabbage. shredded carrot. Mayonnaise, white wine vinegar. celery seed, sugar, salt and pepper. Its coleslaw.

Kansas, Nevada, and New Mexico are searching for banana bread. Colorado likes salmon,  Louisiana – Jambalaya. South Dakota wants to fix Prime Rib, North Dakota -- Apple Crisp.

Wyoming likes coleslaw.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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