It's everyone's camping least mine that's why I don't like to do it. A black bear attacked and destroyed a tent with campers inside at a White River National Forest Campground (the Avalanche Campground) forcing its closure over the weekend which will extend through Labor Day.

According to, black bears, who are typically pretty timid when it comes to interactions with humans and in general have been becoming a little LESS afraid and getting more brave and aggressive in their encounters as proven by this recent incident a few days ago when it attacked a tent with people inside.

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Thankfully, nobody was injured at least physically...we're not sure about mentally because I know when I have camped out before, every little noise that I would hear, especially at night would in MY mind be a bear...or a machete wielding psychopath...but once again that's just my crazy brain.

Due to the amount of encounters, in particular ones like these...officials seem to think that black bears are becoming less and less afraid of humans and starting to associate us with (instead of danger) an easy meal and access to food even though park officials made note that there was no food left out or even a scent present in or around the tent.

Over the past 18 months, the pandemic has made more people hit the great outdoors...which is great but at the same time, many of those folks are inexperienced with being in the great outdoors in bear country and have enabled bears to smell and gather food and with fall coming up an bears looking to fatten up for hibernation, that is NOT  a good combination.


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