I love me some cold beer just as much as the next guy but alcohol in general isn't necessarily my vice. I also know that there are so many social events centered around alcohol and I wonder what that must be like for recovering addicts.

A THC beverage pioneer, Ceria Brewing Co. and creator of the famous Blue Moon Belgian White Ale is now expanding their products to include a non-alcoholic marijuana beet.

Ceria Brewing is a husband-and-wife duo of brewers in Arvada, Colorado who say that many who love their THC beer want a different version because they get drug tested, according to Denver Post.

According to a recent study, non-alcoholic beer will grow into a $7.3 billion global market by 2024. As of 2019, non-alcoholic beer has its own category at the world's largest beer competition, the Great American Beer Festival.

Ceria Brewing told Denver Post that the purpose of their new non-alcoholic beer is to network and set the stage for future success should cannabis become federally legal.

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