You never expect the unexpected to happen — until it does.

That's how Karen Hammersmith was left feeling after she attempted to fight off a mountain lion that was attacking her four-year-old, 28-pound French Bulldog.

Last week, Hammersmith was letting her dog, Brooklyn out at night through the garage of her Morrison home when the unexpected happened.

"She got out by the driveway and she is ambushed by a cat. It was just sitting there waiting and it ambushed her and took her down and I went after the first thing I could find, which was a snow shovel, and I knew it wasn't going to hurt the cat," Hammersmith told 9News.

The cat was not your average cat — it was a mountain lion.

"We almost locked eyes for a minute," Hammersmith said. "I was so in shock. It was really big, really big."

Hammersmith told 9News she fought hard to save Brooklyn, but just seconds after she searched to find something else to fight the mountain lion off with, it was too late.

"I turned around to get something else to find if there was something sharp or something I could use," Hammersmith said. "When I got back just a second later, she was gone."

Hammersmith noted that she has been living in her home in the Morrison area for nearly 14 years and has never heard or experienced an incident like this happening in her neighborhood.

"I so tried to save her and I didn't and that was really hard for me," she said.

Watch as Karen Hammersmith shares the heartbreaking story here:

Source: 9News 

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