Phill Walker, Getty Images

On a new list of "States with the Biggest Drug Problems," it's no shock Colorado ranks, uh, high - in fact #3. The Cowboy State is at 37th. Washington D.C. is actually worst.

Would Wyoming be even less guilty without Casper’s meth labs? Well, maybe you know the pharmacy addiction epidemic is nationwide, with or without prescriptions.

Colorado ranks third overall nationwide for addiction, but “Greenies” are #1 for the highest percentage of both teen and adult users. In lowest percentage of adult users, Wyoming ranks 48th. (Of course, the higher the number the better.)

The breakdowns show mostly trends that make sense, but a few exceptions exist. South Dakota is #50 for fewest overdose deaths, yet #1 in drug arrests. Maybe both ranks make sense if drug laws are just more seriously enforced in SD.

Congratulations to Idaho neighbors on the best rank at 51st. See all 51 here.

States with the most drug problems:

1  District of Columbia
2  Vermont
4  Delaware
5  Rhode Island

States with the least drug problems:

37  Wyoming
38  South Dakota

45  Utah
46  Hawaii
47  Wisconsin
48  North Dakota
49  Nebraska
50  Kansas
51  Idaho