A true animal loving friend of mine in Colorado was “Kicked off of FB for two days.. To the animal lover who reported my last pic of Hielan as animal abuse..”

‘I merely said that “he was being a crabby assed Westie. Someone said he was abused in the pic.”’

One person gets offended and Facebook overreacts with a two-day suspension.

If Facebook doesn’t like your politics, they can marginalize your posts and newsfeed. By your agreement to terms of service, you okay their collection of data with your account online and off. They can also access your phone for texts and who you call. You are the product they sell.

That’s a lot of power for one company to have over you and a lot of people are bailing on Facebook or cutting way back. Quitting Facebook reduces one’s levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The ones I’ve seen say they are happier.

Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee asked Mark Zuckerberg to appear before Congress over Cambridge Analytica scandal, security and privacy concerns. Zuckerberg has also been summoned again by UK lawmakers to give evidence on the recent data scandal.

You may want to consider deleting your account and seek alternatives. Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram are recognizable brands. Path and NextDoor, are not, but you may like them and others.

Reddit is a great online community. Then there’s Instagram, Vero, Mastodon.social, YouTube, NewTV, Peloton, Telegram, with descriptions at Quartz.

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