Well, this isn't what I expected to find on the internet today. Country singer, Chase Rice took a break from making hits to shop at a local boutique in Cheyenne. Which, I mean, if you're going for great fashion, this is a great start.

Chase Rice was shopping yesterday at 307 Roots Boutique. They're located at 307 1/2 West Lincolnway in Downtown Cheyenne. Apparently, he was taking a break from shooting a music video here in Cheyenne when he decided to take a detour and look for some new duds.

Even cooler, he purchased some clothing from the local boutique shop and is going to wear it in the music video. So, if you're a guy in Cheyenne, you can now dress like Chase Rice with the Aztec Wyoming Flannel. The next thing you know, you'll be writing bangers like Cruise for Florida Georgia Line(yes, he's a co-writer on that song).

It's really cool to see Country singers make their way to the Cowboy State, let alone Cheyenne! It makes us feel like we're a real country music hotspot. Or, at least, something like that with the likes of Chase Rice wanting to film a music video in our state.

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Also, shout out to 307 Roots Boutique for sharing this with everyone on their social media accounts. This had to be a really cool moment for them. It's not every day a bonafide country singer walks into your shop and buys an outfit for their music video.

I can't wait to see what they have in the music video.

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