The City of Laramie reports that over the Memorial Day Weekend, coronavirus cases in Albany County doubled. Two cases were confirmed on Friday May 22, five cases on Saturday and three more on Monday.

As of Memorial Day (May 25, 2020), there were 20 confirmed cases and four probable cases in the county. Eight of those patients have fully recovered.

Albany County’s Health Officer, Dr. Jean Allias, reports increased testing was not a factor in the increase. The main cause of the dramatic increase seems to be graduation parties, camping trips, and other social situations where people did not practice social distancing and other recommended practices.

The City of Laramie said on Facebook that as businesses and the community continue to slowly open, pandemic practices of social distancing, washing hands frequently, and cleaning work surface continues to be important.

The City adds that if anyone has questions or concerns about COVID-19, people call Wyoming 2-1-1. If you think you may have the virus, call your medical provider or local urgent care facility.

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