Crazy bills in the state legislature being introduced: Light Bulb's and Drones for Hunting

Current state law prohibits everyone but licensed electricians from installing electrical equipment. But a bill before the Wyoming Legislature could make an exception to the law, allowing everyone to change a bulb if it’s routine and doesn't require changing or repairing wire. This is not a joke, at some facilities in the state, only electricians are allowed to change light bulbs. Senate File 42 is the name of the light bulb bill.

House Bill 30 would add drones to a list of vehicles that cannot be used to pursue or harass animals. Other vehicles include aircraft, automotive vehicles, trailers, motor-propelled vehicles and snow vehicles. Bill sponsor Rep. Stephen Watt, R-Rock Springs, said he doesn’t think drones are being used in hunting in Wyoming yet. He is concerned wildlife won’t get a fair chance to run away if spotted by a drone. Duh!


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