Surprise! Comedian Dave Chapelle is coming to Denver for three shows starting tonight (Apr. 5).

Dave will be doing six shows over three nights at Comedy Works Downtown at Larimer Square today, tomorrow, and Thursday.

Nobody even knew about these shows until Comedy Works released the info on Monday morning, so this is completely out of left field, but a pretty cool surprise.

The thing about Dave Chapelle shows - and something very important to remember if you're thinking about attending - is that he does not allow cell phones into his show.

Chapelle said in a statement to Comedy Works:

"This is a strict no cell phones allowed show. Please leave your phones in your cars or at home. Anyone who brings a cell phone will be required to place it in a locked pouch. Everyone is subject to a pat-down. Anyone caught with a phone inside the venue will be removed immediately."

As for the reasons why Chapelle prefers a no cell phone type of crowd, he had this to say, quoted by Comedy Works:

"There’s a lot of reasons. One, it became a thing where I’d walk on stage, I’d see a sea of cellphones, so I knew that anything in the room, I was saying to everybody, whether they were in the room or not, which is not an empowering feeling as a comedian. The other thing is comedians need an element of surprise, so if someone sees a joke that I’m doing, then I’ve got to do whole new jokes that I couldn’t write fast enough.”

That's certainly understandable. I'm guessing a lot of work goes into coming up with and writing a comedy routine so to have that element of surprised ruined by someone that posted something from another show and giving the joke away, that would kind of suck.

So if you're the kind of person that has nervous withdrawals when you're phone isn't by your side or in your hand, this might be the show for you to attend.

Another thing to remember about Dave Chapelle shows is that, they're not cheap. Tickets are costing $156 and can be purchased at 

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