Before there was Empower Field at Mile High, before there was John Elway, and long before the Broncos were owned by the Wal Mart family, there was the 1977 Broncos.

The 1977 season for the Denver Broncos was one of the best seasons the team has ever had. That season they went 12-2 under the coaching of Red Miller, with #7 Craig Morton at quarterback.

Former Broncos head coach Red Miller
Red Miller-- Denver Broncos via YouTube

It was fun to be a Denver Broncos fan that season, without question, especially with the "Orange Crush" Defense, and the team going to Super Bowl XII in New Orleans. Sure, they lost to the Cowboys, but what a season. The color orange seemed to be everywhere, and it was great.

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Another fun thing to come out of that season of "Broncomania" was a song released by Denver Broncos running back, #32, Jon Keyworth. You may hear that and think that it was just a novelty thing, but Keyworth did have a band that played around Denver and the region. So, it wasn't "crazy" that this Denver player would put out a song. It came off of his album, "Keys."

"Make Those Miracles Happen," though not written by Keyworth, definitely summed up the fans enthusiasm for the team.

When you're down at the bottom, and up is hard to see, you gotta make those miracles happen, on your own.



His album, "Keys" sold over 10,000 copies within two months of its release, most likely because of the single, but maybe also because of the album cover, itself.


Holy cow, right? The sleeve of the album even had eight more Broncos' butts showing. It stirred a bit of controversy, for sure. I wonder how much discussion went into the choice of having a nude player on the cover? I guess I can see where this might have seemed like a good idea; as only five years prior in 1972, Cosmopolitan magazine caused a stir with their nude photo shoot of Burt Reynolds.

Nonetheless, not everybody (especially kids) heard much about the album cover, but everyone definitely enjoyed the song; it played a lot of the Denver station, KIMN AM. which was a huge station for the area, back then.

On a side note, there is a restaurant in Evergreen that Keyworth and partners renovated in the '80's, Keys on the Green, located at the Evergreen Golf Course, Colorado's first public golf course.

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Have you heard Jon Keyworth's song?

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