As I’ve made mention several times(probably obnoxiously) over the past month or so, Cheyenne is basically an extension of Denver for sports fandom(only). So, when Denver’s pro sports win, we win, right? Right now, Denver has two teams in the playoffs in the return of sports since July, with another in the hunt and another, well, needing a lot of help. 

The Rockies currently hold their own destiny 2 games back in the NL West with another month of games to go. The Colorado Rapids are probably finished, sadly, unless something crazy happens... 

The Nuggets, however, start their NBA championship hopes today at 11:30 against the Utah Jazz. I wouldn’t normally do this, but, since I’m newly adopted to a city that is a great sports town(by proxy) I’m going to root against Donovan Mitchell. It pains me, as I am a University of Louisville grad and I feel like I watched him grown up from a baby basketball player.  

The Avalanche are currently locked into game 4 today, with a 2-1 lead over Arizona, and they’ll square off at 3:30. Let’s hope they can pull it off in the next two games to make it to the next round of the playoffs.  

I’m not going to lie, I kind of enjoy the bubble playoff chaos that is going on right now, it’s like we’re getting to make up for all the sports that we missed out on from April to July. It feels...good. Now, let’s all crowd around a TV and scream so we can have bragging rights against the rest of the country!  

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