It's never the most fun thing to search for a new residence, whether it's a house or an apartment if you're buying or renting. However, one man searching for a new place in Denver made a great case on Facebook to choose him as your new roommate.

In the Facebook group, 'Denver Housing, Rooms, Apartments, Sublets, Roomates', a man by the name of Dalton Ross didn't just state that he was looking for a new place, he also posted some pics showing you why he'd make such a great roommate.

His original post states:

Hello! I'm hoping to find a place in Denver for January. Coming from a good size house with 3+ roommates and hoping to find something similar for <$1000 a month. I've attached some pictures of me being a great roommate.

Then just check out these pics of Dalton Ross totally killing it as a potential roommate.

Who doesn't love a roommate that washes dishes?


It's always nice when your roommate takes out the trash from time to time.


He makes his bed so things are kept pretty orderly. However, that's a very odd spot for a TV.


He does yard work. However, I'm not sure if he knows that's a mop.


Dalton bakes cookies! Pretty impressive.


It also seems like Dalton will take care of the dirty work. He knows how to bury things, he's armed in weaponry, and he can take care of suitcases full of money. Who wouldn't want Dalton to be their new roommate.

If I lived in Denver and needed a roommate, I would certainly call up Dalton just based on his sense of humor alone. Especially in the bizarre year we've had, we need more dudes like Dalton around to keep the mood light.

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