Does the date 11-12-13 have any extra significance in your life?

Today is a numerologists dream, having the numbers line up consecutively on this November 12, 2013. Will you be doing anything special because of that alignment?

A David's Bridal survey showed that 40% of brides would consider choosing a sequential date for their wedding. The bridal store estimates that more than 3, 300 couples will tie the knot on 11-12-13.

My niece got married on a June 7 in 2008 because it was 6-7-08 and my sister, I finally realized, was born on 3-4-56. When I became aware of the numbers lining up, it certainly made those dates easier to remember.

Others may find deeper meaning in some number sequences, it's almost like the planets aligning or some kind of cosmic event.

We'll have one more coming up at the end of next year on December 13, 2014.

Are there dates or number combinations in your life that are extra special?

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