Something about this just doesn't seem right.

*UPDATE* - WalletHub's methodology in this study did not include any city in Wyoming due to population size. Their "small city" sample included those with a a population between 70,000 and 100,000. According to a Census estimate in 2018, Cheyenne's population is 63,243 which is just short of the requirement set by WalletHub. Since Cheyenne is the largest city in the Cowboy State, this also kept the rest of the cities out of contention.

It's hard to think that anything really grew in the last year, right? I know for me, I essentially closed up shop when it came to spending money. My budget got super tight. So let's just say that the word "growth" hasn't really been on my mind, unless we're talking about my binge-watching waistline.

However, there has been growth. It may be small, but it's still there. And despite what this research would suggest, I think we're doing just fine around here.

Let me explain.

WalletHub recently did some research on cities across the country, 515 to be exact. They looked at various growth factors like population, unemployment rates, regional gross domestic product, and more. Analysts examined these numbers from the last seven years and completely neglected to invite us to the party.

In fact, they overlooked all of Wyoming on their list of 2020's Fastest Growing Cities in America.

You may think we're not big enough to be considered, but with 515 cities being looked at, we should have been one of them. We're included in so many of their other studies with much less cities. Now, do I think we have atrophied in the last seven years? Absolutely not! I have no clue why we wouldn't be on here.

With that being said, I also don't have an issue with it because one of the categories they looked into was population growth. Excuse us if we don't get too excited about people moving here. We like our space after all.

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