There is a battle going on, on social media right now over Pop Tarts!  Yes, Pop Tarts!

The question being asked is whether or not Pop Tarts are actually a form of ravioli?

I know what you're thinking - No! But before you jump to conclusions, take a listen to the argument for Pop Tarts being a type of ravioli.  They both are in a dough shell, They both have a delicious filling and a delicious topping.

Now obviously one is a pastry dough and the other a pasta dough.  One is cooked in a microwave or toaster while the other is boiled or deep fried.  Although now that I think about it - deep fried Pop Tarts could be the next big fair food sensation?

Let's settle this once and for all.  Let us know your opinion on this social media battle - Can Pop Tarts be considered Ravioli??

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