A Sunday trip to the Libby Flats area ended in tragedy when a woman's dog was shot and killed after reportedly approaching a man and his son.

Undersheriff Rob DeBree of the Albany County Sheriff's Office says the father and son were walking down a trail Sunday when two dogs ran toward them. According to DeBree, one of the dogs appeared friendly and was wagging its tail, while the other dog did not appear friendly.

DeBree says the father drew his gun as the "more-or-less vicious" dog approached the pair, then someone called the dogs back and put them into a truck.

Later, DeBree says, the dogs jumped out of the truck and again approached the man and his son. It was at that point that DeBree says the father drew his gun and shot the reportedly threatening dog.

DeBree says witnesses corroborate that version of events.

"He was not randomly going out and shooting dogs," DeBree says.

DeBree says it took the dog's owner quite some time to notify law enforcement about the incident.

A person claiming to be the owner of the dog that was killed posted this to a local garage sale forum on Facebook:


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