In the short amount of time I've been in Wyoming, one thing I know for sure is Wyomingites are PROUD of being from Wyoming...and rightfully so.

Visitors come from all over the world to visit Yellowstone National Park, Devils Tower, Casper Mountain, Cheyanne Frontier Days, Grand Teton Nations Park and that's only part of the list of attractions. Tourism is such a large part of Wyoming's annual income that, according to The Wyoming Office of Tourism,  it's the second largest industry in the state. Promoting the beauty of the and attractiveness of the state is important to try and convince potential visitors to bring their money to Wyoming.

When you combine the beauty, world famous attractions, extraordinary wildlife and a nice musical number with an outlet for folks to zone out and relieve the stresses of their daily lives, you've hit a homerun.

The first thing many ask about living here "is living in Wyoming as pretty, exciting and enjoyable as you say?" I ALWAYS respond with a very large and firm....YES! People that grow up in a location, don't always appreciate EVERYTHING about that particular location. For instance, Wyoming has clean fresh air, nature & adventure just minutes away from wherever you are, wide open spaces and the fantastic eye candy that attracts SO many people from all over.

When you think of all that Wyoming has to offer, it is a literal paradise for many! YouTube Channel Destination Paradise posts weekly inspirational videos to help reduce stress and show people some of the amazing locations in WORLD. They have videos of Africa, France, Philippines, Hawaii AND WYOMING!

If you're stressed or if you've forgotten about all the wonderful opportunities that Wyoming has to offer...

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