In just one week, Wyoming's largest FREE music festival takes over Cheyenne's Civic Center Park. It's summer's last hurrah, an explosive event featuring music's rising stars that takes place under Wyoming's shimmering stars on August 26.

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Edge Fest grows each year, bringing in bigger and brighter stars at every festival. This year, expect nothing less than electric energy and bombastic sound as the fiery female artists that make up this year's lineup bring their passion to the Edge Fest stage!

Each of this year's artists brings something fresh and new to the festival. The impressive lineup features the sultry vocals of TikTok superstar Emmy Meli, the velvety vibrato of Lauren Ruth Ward, the smooth and sassy serenades of Devon Cole, and the electrifying tunes of headliner ZZ Ward.

Behind each of these artists is a woman passionate about music - and there's more to these singers than meets the eye (or rather, the ears.) I had a chance to sit down with these talented women and discover what makes them and their music tick...and now I'll share their stories with you!

Let's dive into your EXCLUSIVE preview of Edge Fest 2023's powerhouse lineup:

Introducing Emmy Meli

Emmy Meli grew up in the sunshine of California. She never anticipated she'd be a viral music sensation because of TikTok, but she definitely knew she was born to be on the stage. Emmy was always performing and always believed she belonged on the stage. Even as a child, she took "any chance she could get" to be on stage.

How Long Has Emmy Been Singing?

To Emmy, singing is like breathing. She's performed dance, choir, musical theatre, and the whole 9-yards in the musical arts. Her whole life has been training to "do this," that is, to perform. Choir gave her a taste of the limelight when she performed at the Grand Ole Opry in high school - something few performers can claim on their resumes!

Where Does Emmy Find Inspiration for Her Music?

Once upon a time, Emmy Meli was nearly an English major in college. But, her heart was in music, so she attended college as a Music major. However, literature and reading play an essential role in Emmy's songs. It's in books and writing that she finds inspiration for her lyrics. In her words,

"The vast majority, the vast majority of [inspiration] I find in books and reading and writing and art and poems, and anything that inspires me really."

Here's A Surprising Fact About Emmy...

She's on the hunt for a cafe-bookstore combo in Los Angeles. They aren't that easy to find in Twinkle Town!

What's Next for Emmy?

Emmy shared that now, she's on a journey to share more of herself with listeners. Her break-out hit, "I AM WOMAN," rocked the TikTok world. Up next, she wants to explore more of herself, a transition from "I AM WOMAN" to "I AM EMMY."

Hear more from Emmy Meli in our exclusive interview:

Emmy Meli by Photos courtesy of Warehouse 21 and Canva Pro.

Introducing Lauren Ruth Ward

Lauren Ruth Ward has crossed the country on the journey of her musical career. She grew up on the East Coast in Baltimore, Maryland, and now lives in sunny Los Angeles, where countless stars of music call home.

How Long Has Lauren Been Singing?

In our sit down, Lauren shared that she received her first guitar at ten years old. She began writing her music at the young age of 13 or 14, but she didn't start taking her musical aspirations seriously until about eight years ago when she moved to L.A. She feels fortunate about her career growth and shared that "she feels very fortunate to be where [she] is."

Where Does Lauren Find Inspiration for Her Music?

"I think in my earlier years of writing, especially like in my into my late teens and early 20s when it was just kind of when writing and playing guitar was a hobby with me and myself and maybe like a party trick amongst close friends." said Lauren. But now, she finds more inspiration in "everything," but most especially in moments of human connection. "I mean, I think maybe it comes back to connectivity like a conversation with a friend." 

Here's A Surprising Fact About Lauren...

Lauren Ruth Ward is not just a singer...she's also a hairdresser! She worked 50 hours a week dressing hair when she first moved to L.A. Lauren finds similarities between working in a salon and performing. "It's interesting to me, I guess, just this similarity between performing on stage and connecting with somebody and then especially when it's like your crowd like your headlining show, and you know that people are there for you and you do something for them and they do something for you and it's this like figurative energy, something similar like that happens when you're cutting hair."

What's Next for Lauren Ruth Ward?

Lauren just released a new single entitled Mindseye. Check it out:

Hear more from Lauren in our exclusive interview:

Lauren ruth ward by Photos courtesy of Warehouse 21 and Canva Pro.

Introducing Devon Cole

Who is Devon Cole? Canada's next superstar, that's who. Devon grew up in Calgary and still calls Canada home these days. She's living the dream, coming hot off a tour with pop star Andy Grammer.

How Long Has Devon Been Singing?

For Devon, music has always been a part of her life. Her mother was in a band in high school with the totally rad band name Voyager 5, so Devon considers singing in her blood. As for her musical education, well, her father made sure that Devon grew up with an excellent "musical education" that included everything from the Carpenters to Fleetwood Mac to Shania Twain.

Where Does Devon Find Inspiration for Her Music?

Devon finds inspiration in the people and world around her and "just keeping [her] ears and [her] eyes open at all times." She'll hear a passing conversation and suddenly be struck by a phrase or idea that would make a perfect song. She even finds ideas for songs while watching TV or scrolling through Pinterest.

Here's A Surprising Fact About Devon...

Devon is a huge fan of thrift shopping. (100% there with you, Devon!) She shared that "I think it's so like the best scavenger hunt ever. And then when you find something that you love, it's just like the best feeling ever."

What's Next for Devon Cole?

Devon just released a sassy and brutally honest new single with an equally sassy title, 'D***head.'

Hear more from Devon in our exclusive interview:

Devon Cole Interview by Photos courtesy of Warehouse 21 and Canva Pro.

Introducing ZZ Ward

Drum roll, please. Let's hear it for ZZ Ward, the headliner for Edge Fest 2023! ZZ's rich vocals and deep lyrics are a phenomenal combo that creates evocative, electric energy in her music.

How Long Has ZZ Been Singing?

ZZ was born into the world of music - her father joined a blues band when their family moved to Oregon, and he influenced ZZ's taste in music by always playing Big Momma Thornton and Muddy Waters around the house. She's been listening to and singing along with music for as long as she can remember.

Her musical career is definitely a family affair. Her brothers help produce ZZ's music videos and photography. Clearly, the family that creates music together sticks together!

Where Does ZZ Find Inspiration for Her Music?

ZZ began drawing a lot of her early inspiration from the music of her childhood - blues from her father and the hip-hop CDs of her brother. You can hear the diverse influence on her music - ZZ's sound is categorically unique.

To ZZ, authenticity is essential to creating music. She writes about "whatever my story is at the time and umm, [sic] and really regardless of where that lands with people, I think that it's important for me to be authentic." She also shared that, "I feel kind of boundary-less, you know, I mean, I kind of go for whatever makes me feel powerful."

Here's A Surprising Fact About ZZ...

If ZZ could perform with any artist, she'd pick either the Black Keys or Bonnie Raitt. She's already played with some amazing artists, including  Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top!

What's Next for ZZ Ward?

ZZ kicks off her tour, Dirty Shine, across the U.S. this September! Find tour info here.

Hear more from ZZ in our exclusive interview:


ZZ Ward Interview by Photos courtesy of Warehouse 21 and Canva Pro.

For more info on Edge Fest, visit its website by clicking here.

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