This last year has truly be a strange time with everything going on with COVID-19 pandemic. As we all struggle to get used to the "new normal", since we don't really know yet how long this will last, comedy and laughter is one of the few constants to help us keep our collective sanity.

Former NBA star and current social media influencer, Rex Chapman, recently shared a short, 30-second face mask prank video that has been going viral. The video (shown below), shows a man wearing a personalized facial covering going into a car dealership. When he walks in, the exchange happens quickly, but all parties seem to get a kick out of the joke.

The face mask is literally a copy of the man's face. It's also flesh colored, so if you're further than six feet away from the personal wearing it, one can see how it would appear that they were NOT wearing a mask at all.

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The customizable mask can be purchased at for $30.00, which seems kind of steep for what you're actually getting, but the fun is priceless, so that really makes it worth it in the end. For you "do-it-yourselfers", there are several videos on YouTube that can walk you through making them from home.

After scrolling through the comments of the prank video, everyone didn't seem to think it was funny. While many did think it was all in harmless fun, a lot of people sounded off stating that things like this was causing unneeded stress to workers.

I'm personally on the fence about it. I see and understand both points, although I tend to lean slightly more towards the harmless fun side of the prank. It is worth noting that the workers from the car dealership in the video thought it was amusing. At the end of the day, I'd rather someone be wearing a mask anyway, so as long as they're not being an a-hole about the situation, more power to them. Have fun and spread some joy.

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