Author John Green is a favorite among young readers, especially after his 2012 release 'The Fault In Our Stars.' 

Green writes and lives with his family in Indianapolis, Indiana... physically. But mentally? He says he "goes to work in Cheyenne, Wyoming."

They inspiration for calling his work getaways "a trip to Cheyenne," apparently came from the 1998 comedy movie 'Rushmore.' A line in the movie delivered by character Dirk Calloway, played by Mason Gamble, states "I ain't even here sergeant, I'm in Cheyenne, Wyoming."  This is Calloway's response after he's been asked how long he's served in the Vietnam War.

Inspired by that quote, when Green becomes deeply immersed in a project, like his latest book, he tells his friends and family that he's "gone to Cheyenne, Wyoming."

In his latest YouTube video, Green inspires others to find their "Cheyenne, Wyoming."

It does mean that a certain percentage of your intellectual and emotional self will be absent for a while,  Then you make what you can of your time in Cheyenne and then maybe most importantly, you come home to your body, to the real people you really love.  Unless you live in the actual Cheyenne, Wyoming in which case the whole metaphor sort of falls apart.

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