Money has had many different forms over the centuries. Cavemen used to trade sea shells, and Native Americans sold Manhattan for beads. Now in 2018 we have "Bacoin."

Oscar Mayer has unveiled their very own crypto-currency. Much like the popular "Bitcoin," you can get your "Bacoin" online and the value goes up and down depending on how many other people are trading. The best part, these "Bacoins" are redeemable for actual bacon.

According to Phillip Tracy of the Daily Dot

As you might have guessed, a Bacoin is redeemable for bacon, not real money. Oscar Mayer has a price tracker for how many slices one Bacoin is worth. As of writing, a single coin will net you 28 slices of bacon, or a couple packs of greasy deliciousness. The company warns that, like cryptocurrency, Bacoin is a volatile digital coin, so don’t hesitate to redeem.

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