Valentine's Day can put a lot of pressure on guys to try and find the perfect gift that says - I love You!  But there are pit falls that are sure to be avoided, especially if you live in Wyoming.

I'm all for being creative and trying to do something really special for my valentine, but sometimes what one person thinks is fun / funny / hilarious, is the exact opposite for the one you're sharing it with.

Guys in Wyoming often get made fun of for being too countrified, redneck, naive or just plain slow.  Fella's if you're going to avoid adding validity to these monikers you probably should avoid making these faux pas this Valentine's Day.

It's never OK to call your Valentine by the name of your family pet cow.. Promise!!  If you're at dinner and you are trying to steer her clear of the dessert tray, referring to your sweetheart as Bessy, especially if her name isn't Bessy, will leave you single and maybe with a black eye the day after Valentine's Day.

Do NOT invite your sweetheart over for a Dutch Oven Dinner if you're only planning on giving her the "Dutch Oven" treatment.  You may laugh, but guarantee that she's not find the same humor in the double entendre.

Even if you think you're the worst speller in all of the Cowboy State, it's never alright to abbreviate Valentine's Day on anything!!!   No one will find themselves in a romantic mood after reading 'Happy V.D!' - Don't Ask Me How I Know!!!  I just know...

Be a gentleman!  If you're Valentine's Day plan involves anything outdoors in Wyoming in February, let your sweetheart know in advance.  Letting her spend a lot of time to get all gussied up only to have the 70+ MPH Wyoming Winds undo it all, will not make her happy in the slightest.  So if it's gonna be outside... tell her...

Finally, the biggest faux pax that anyone could make on Valentine's Day - is forgetting it's Valentine's Day!  Do this and she will be with someone new by the end of the month.  Trust me!!

Here's to hoping you and yours avoid these simple faux pas this Valentine's Day!

Happy V.D. - see told ya!!

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