Foo Fighters have released a new track, “Fraggle Rock Rock,” which is the theme song for Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, a reboot of the Jim Henson series that originally ran from 1983 to 1987.

The fun track, was first heard on Apple TV+ when the all-new 13-episode series premiered last night (Jan. 21). It follows the 2020 series of shorts, Fraggle Rock: Rock On!, and features the original characters Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley, Uncle Traveling Matt and the Doozers.

As some online fans have noticed, "Fraggle Rock Rock" bears a strong resemblance to Queen's 1977 single "Tie Your Mother Down." Foo Fighters have covered the A Day at the Races opening track live several times, including at least two different occasions on which they shared the stage with the British rock legends.

You can listen to both songs down below.

Foo Fighters are gearing up for a stadium tour later this year, but first their comedy horror movie Studio 666 will premiere on Feb. 25. Frontman Dave Grohl previously reported: “Like most things Foo, Studio 666 began with a far-fetched idea that blossomed into something bigger than we ever imagined possible... Filmed at the same house where we recorded our latest album Medicine at Midnight (told you that place was haunted!), we wanted to recapture the classic magic that all of our favorite rock 'n' roll movies had but with a twist: hilarious gore that fucking rocks.”

Last year Grohl told Rolling Stone that he couldn’t foresee his band “slowing down,” explaining: “It still blows my mind that when you go to see someone like Paul McCartney, he does a one-and-a-half-hour-long soundcheck for fans, all the songs that they won’t be playing that night. Then he goes and has a dinner, walks out and plays for three fucking hours. And then afterwards, hangs out all night? And is the last one on the dance floor? For real? Where does that energy come from?” He agreed his own approach was similar: “I guess, like, you still feel like the kid sitting on your bedroom floor playing along to your favorite band’s album.”

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