Spring has finally arrived in the Cowboy State and with it comes millions of ants. Did you know Wyoming has 66 species of native ants?

Formica ants are the most common. Often referred to as wood ants, there are 33 species of these arachnids in the state.

Perhaps the peskiest pests in our region are Myrmica. Known as red stinging ants, there are seven native species in Wyoming.

There are also seven species of Lasius ants in the Rocky Mountains, including black garden ants and yellow meadow ants.

The Cowboy State is crawling with Camponotus ants. Commonly called carpenter ants, there are five species in our area.

Wyoming's elevation makes an ideal home for three species of Temnothorax, or rock ants.

In addition to those species, we also have Apheanogaster, Dorymyrmex (crazy ants), Leptothorax (brown ants), Manica, Monomorium (pharaoh ants), Pheidole (big-headed ants), Pogonomyrmex (red harvester ants), Polyergus (amazon ants), Solenopsis (fire ants), Stenamma, and Tapinoma (house ants).


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