We're edging ever so closely to the best time of the year, SPOOKY SEASON! Yes, the ghosts and ghouls will be out in force by the fistfuls coming up this season and you can get in on the action. In a recent post on the Facebook group, Connections Cheyenne, the Knights of Pythias are looking for volunteers for their annual haunted house fund raiser, The Nightmare On 17th Street.

Do you know who the Knights of Pythias are here in Cheyenne? You might know them better for putting on the only haunted house here in Cheyenne, Nightmare on 17th Street Haunted House. The Knights of Pythias and the Sisters of the Pythian Order use the haunted house as our only major fundraiser to help give back to local charities here in Cheyenne. We are currently looking for volunteers to help on Friday and Saturday nights in October as actors in the haunted house. If you are interested, please let me know. If not, grab your friends and come visit us in October!

Growing up in the Midwest, local haunted houses did big business for the local economy. There were also tons of them doing it solely for charity. My mom's cousin actually ran a chairty one that you drove through. We would always volunteer and scare people in their cars. It was a lot of fun. Pro tip, if you just stand real still, people will think you're fake, that's how you can get a good jump scare.

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But, anyways, this looks to be a lot of fun and it's Cheyenne's only real haunted house, so if you have some time to share for local charities, this is a really fun way to do it.


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