WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

For a lot of people the only thing that's scarier than a creepy clown, is a ghost clown. Talk about nightmare fuel, that's taking it to a whole new level of terror. Oh, but it gets even scarier. Add in the spectral presence of circus animals, performers, freaks, and even the spirits of deceased audience members and you've got an idea of what this place is all about. It's the old abandoned Gandini’s Circus Camp in Edmond, Oklahoma.

The Sooner State has a wealth of old creepy abandoned places, all of which are rumored to be haunted. Some have legitimate stories and backgrounds, others are the stuff of urban legend and frightening fiction. What is it about these empty and forgotten places that make them so unwelcoming and scary? In Oklahoma, we have abandoned and haunted houses, churches, schools, hospitals, cemeteries, and even circuses.

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So what's the story with this place? The old remains of Gandini’s Circus Camp can be found in Edmond, Oklahoma tucked away in the woods and off the main roads. WARNING: Before you get the idea of heading that way to do some ghost hunting and investigating know that it's located on private property and is off-limits to the general public. The site was once home to the Gandini Circus and used as a winter camp for the workers and animals. It operated from the early 1900s until around the 1930s when it was closed down.

Ownership of the circus changed hands several times prior to it being closed down permanently and abandoned. It was originally known as the Gandini Circus but it was also owned and operated by the Clyde Brothers Circus and Hagen Brothers Circus as well. Despite the ownership change most people continued to refer to it as the Gandini Circus. Back in the day it was fairly well known and traveled around nearby states. Unfortunately when the Great Depression happened and the Gandini Circus never recovered or reopened.

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For well over 90-plus years the Gandini Circus Camp has been abandoned. It's being overgrown and what little does remain of the old circus is quickly disappearing and rotting away. Eventually, there won't be anything left. So what all is still out there? Several structures remain along with animal enclosures, trailers, buses, and temporary housing. You'll also see a lot of debris that includes all kinds of mid-1900 artifacts and old circus memorabilia all lost and left behind. Not a lot is known about the people who once lived there.

There are tales of tragedies and horrific occurrences that allegedly took place at the old Gandini Circus Camp. From killer clowns to murderous ringmasters who kidnapped and killed people including children. There are stories of unfortunate deaths that happened at the site involving performers, circus animals, and even freaks who met their end at the camp. Some died practicing and performing dangerous stunts, others from malnutrition, unexplained accidents, disease, the elements, and even murder. There are tons of stories.

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Those who have braved visiting the site have reported seeing apparitions of ghosts, shadow figures, and floating spirits of both human and animal origin. They all tell of an eerie and almost overwhelming feeling of fright and despair all around the site. Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators have also said they've heard voices, laughter, and screaming at the camp. Some have even spoken with disembodied voices, almost having a conversation with an unseen person or presence. One thing's for sure, It's a very active location.

While haunted houses and cemeteries are somewhat commonplace, Oklahoma has to be one of the very few, if not only places, that has a haunted circus! I'd love to look into this more and get some additional history on the site and the Gandini Circus itself. It would be interesting to see if there is anyone still living that once worked there or went there when it was still open. There are a lot of rumors, ghost stories, and urban legends about this place, but very few actual facts and confirmed history other than what's currently known about it.

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