Gregg Allman was laid to rest following a private service that took place at Snow's Memorial Chapel in his hometown of Macon, Ga., today.

According to Rolling Stone, the eulogies were provided by three of his children, Devon, Layla and Delilah Island; his brother Duane Allman's daughter Galadrielle; his friend Chank Middleton and his manager Michael Lehman. Also in attendance were many former bandmates and friends, his ex-wife, Cher and former president Jimmy Carter. The Allman Brothers Band played several fundraisers when Carter successfully ran for president in 1976.

"Rosalynn and I were deeply saddened when we learned that Gregg Allman had passed," the 92-year-old Carter said in a statement yesterday. "Gregg and the Allman Brothers Band were very helpful to me in my 1976 presidential campaign. Gregg Allman was better known than I was at that time. Gregg Allman was there when I needed him and Rosalynn and I have always been grateful to him."

Per the request of Allman's manager, many mourners wore jeans instead of suits, and fans lined the mile-long route that the procession took from the chapel to Rose Hill Cemetery. His final resting place is reportedly near the graves of Duane and original Allman Brothers bassist Berry Oakley. Although fans were not permitted inside the cemetery, they were able to look down onto his grave site from a nearby hill.

Allman died on May 27 from liver cancer after having suffered from numerous health problems in the last few years of his life. He was 69. Rolling Stone noted that, had his poor health not required him to cancel his concert commitments, Allman was scheduled to perform at the Macon Opera House tonight.

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