‘Here’s to Us’ has always been a song about celebration for Halestorm but in their new video for the tune, the band pay homage to some of the musical genres of the past that helped pave the way.

The video kicks off with Halestorm doing what they do best, rocking out on the live stage in all their glory. But before long, someone hits the “Pre-Show Throwback Mix” button and Halestorm quickly transform into a glammed out ‘80s band inspired by big hair, spandex and enough eyeliner for everyone.

Next up on the playlist Halestorm take a plunge in the era of grunge. Channeling the spirit of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, Hale and company encompass the mood of the memorable musical era from the demure fashions to the stoic facial expressions.

Before long though, it’s back to the Halestorm that fans have come to know and love, delivering their own brand of modern rock and helping to forge a whole new era of music.

Hale recently talked to Rolling Stone about the song that serves as the band’s personal anthem, explaining, “We’ve been through a lot together as a band, and we’ve learned to celebrate the low times as well as the highs.” Hale continued, “It’s about toughin’ it out and respecting the journey for us, and that’s how we have kept it together as a foursome for 10 years! Here’s to us!”

So here's to Halestorm! Check out the official video above.

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