Wyoming Game and Fish Department fisheries biologists have come to the conclusion on June 25 that herbicide may be responsible for killing Brown Trout in Laramie's Spring Creek in late May.

The department was contacted by Laramie residents on May 26 after several dead Brown Trout were discovered in Spring Creek where it bisects 15th St. Steve Gale, the fisheries biologist, conducted an evaluation from 15th St to 8th St and sound many dead trout in this section. No other species of fish were found dead.

Gale had tested the water quality at that time, and all parameters were within expected normal values. After contacting the City of Laramie, he collected more then 20 dead fish and sent them to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's Fish Health Labratory to determine the cause of death.

Branson Taro, the Fish Health Program Coordinator stated the following, “We believe it was caused by an herbicide. All the fish had enlarged livers, which is consistent with the effects of herbicides on fish. We’re not able to pinpoint the exact cause, but everything is consistent with an herbicide poisoning."

If the use of an herbicide on a broadcast basis is necessary, The City of Laramie would like residents to consider the following points:

  • Choose the correct herbicide
  • Apply it properly
  • Water after application
  • Clean up property and equipment

For morning information on this, please follow the link here. 

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