You can make as many cougar jokes as you want, but I don't think you'd want a real-life cougar hanging out at your house like one Wyomingite discovered. I'm sure he didn't do the "pssss pssss pssss" sound for it to come to them, either.

A wild video on TikTok shows a Wyomingite opening their back door to find a full-grown cougar in their window well! That had to be terrifying. The guy in the video sounds concerned, but I credit them for not screaming and running away like I would.

Check out the crazy video for yourself!

Now, I've found some interesting things in my window wells, but not once have I bumped into a cougar! A much smaller neighborhood cat, sure. The occasional squirrel, yes. But, never a live cougar! Yikes.

I'm mostly convinced that cougar could get out of the window well. They have a pretty good verticle jump, so if it were me, I think I'd wait them out until they decided to be on their way.

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This also serves as a reminder to go ahead and put the cover on that window well. They had one, but I guess they forgot to cover it. Unless the cougar is advanced enough to pull that bad boy off the window well. If that's the case, just give them the house, it's theirs now.

What's the weirdest thing that you've found in your window well? Hit us up on the app and join in on the conversation.

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