Wyoming ranks 44 out of 51 in kid's oral health and on the lower half of healthcare overall, according to a recent study.

Healthcare for adults and children America is "more expensive than ever,"  According to Wallethub.

More kids are insured today than ever but the costs are high. Comparing cost, quality and access to children’s health care across the states, Vermont ranked best while, at 51, Nevada ranked worst, right after Mississippi.

Wyoming is ranked 32nd, and while things could be worse, things could be better. While obesity is a major problem for many states, Wyoming actually does fairly well in that category, while nationally, exercise or play at least 20 minutes per day is advised.

We need to focus on improving our children’s oral health, where we are one of the worst. We can begin by getting our kids away from sweetened beverages and into more fruits and vegetables which also leads to good oral health. It’s food for thought on this Every Kid Healthy Week.

Wyoming has room for improvement, but we are better off than the states ranked below us. I think we can and I think, will do better.

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