The show sold out in record time. The anticipation simmered hot for months. Finally, it exploded into burning excitement last night (July 25). Post Malone live at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

It was a huge crowd and hot weather at Frontier Park, but all that didn't seem to matter to the people that were there.

Even despite Posty having a bit of a sore throat, the feeling is that he blew away the Daddy of em All.

Drawing in people from all over Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska and beyond, it sounds like the concert Thursday night was a massive hit.

Who would have guessed the Post Malone would start some family traditions?

We asked on Facebook for your reviews of Post Malone's show at CFD, here what you said:

  • "It was great!! CFD needs to listen to the masses" - Tristin
  • "The best ever in Cheyenne! Amazing" - Daniel
  • "It was the best night show I've ever been to! Definitely glad I got to be there" - Anthony
  • "Seriously the best. And I was watching from outside on the big screen!" - Madori
  • "Seriously the best. And I was watching from outside on the big screen!" - Dominic
  • "One of the best shows they've ever had" - Richard

Even folks that weren't there had something to say:

  • "According to my snapchat friends, it was LIT" - Vince

It sounds like the biggest problem of the night was a bit of impoliteness

  • "The people were super rude but the concert was amazing!" - Kaylee
  • "Enjoyed the performance. The crowd and the staff was trash. Had more fun at nickelback last year tbh" - Ari

Oh well, a few bad attitudes were bound to surface with such a massive crowd on a hot evening. But, for some people, the show was just what they needed.

And some people had a little too much fun:

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