Thanks to the winter storm making its way through our part of Wyoming today, you likely have some shoveling ahead of you. But, I bet you don't have to shovel as much as this Wyoming hero who just conquered over 200 feet of hill.

Here's how this super-human explained what he did:

If you want to make sure your minivan can climb uphill in the snow - SHOVEL!! Brad takes on Mother Nature and makes a path to drive up the hill. Easy Peasy..!! About 200 feet worth with his shovel!

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Easy Peasy? I got tired just watching this guy's video. I think his YouTube channel normally deals with knives and sharpening things, but he just shared a feat that is nothing short of heroic. This Captain America had to get a minivan up a Wyoming hill, so he shoveled it. All of it. You have to see this to believe it.

I used to think I was a Wyoming man, but NO...THIS is a Wyoming man. Got 200 foot of snow standing in your way? Hold my beer and give me your shovel. Done.

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