An English teacher at Burns Jr./Sr. High School, Justin Earnshaw will compete on Jeopardy to take on a D.C. lawyer and a Washington banker, the returning champion who’s 3-day winnings are $67,399.

Justin’s path to the airwaves began last year when his application led to a 50 question online test. Justin says 100,000 people signed up, 4,000 were contacted and last August, Earnshaw passed his audition.

Calling it a bit surreal, Justin went through hair & makeup, took his place on the stage. Host Alex Trebek came out and mostly addressed the audience, keeping an appropriate distance from the contestants in order to avoid any improprieties or opportunities to reveal any answers to the contestants.

Justin told me the show’s crew was professional and warm, even during follow-up communications while our teacher, writer, blogger kept his secret about how well he did.

“While I certainly didn’t make enough money to take “rich leave”, I’m not disappointed with my performance.”


We’ll see Justin’s skills on an episode of Jeopardy set to air February 1st at 6:30pm on CBS 5 – KGWN for many.

Good luck, Mr. Earnshaw!

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