Romantic comedy films can be go-to movies for some. For others, maybe they're a guilty pleasure. Either way, those 'rom-coms' typically have quite the cast playing those leading roles in the 'Will they-won't they' scenarios that form the plot of every rom-com ever. Sometimes there's a particular actor who makes a living out of starring in those movies.

For awhile in his career, Matthew McConaughey couldn't stop from starring in the 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days', 'Failure to Launch', and 'The Wedding Planner' films of his career. But since his career has been filmed with stellar critically acclaimed performances which have taken him off the rom-com leading man list. But what about the female in those romantic leads. There's one that actually starred opposite of McConaughey in that aforementioned list of rom-coms back in 1997 and she is still making a career out of it...along with her music career too. I'm talking about Jennifer Lopez a.k.a. J Lo.

It may seem strange to read, but that same rom-com actress performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show back in 2020 (alongside Shakira). But yet, is still doing her acting thing in mostly rom-coms these days (aside from 'Hustlers'). Back in 1998, J Lo starred along side George Clooney in the film 'Out of Sight' which was more of a crime drama, but still showed up on this list of rom-coms so forgive AT&T for putting that movie on this list. But then J Lo was in:

  • Monster-In-Law
  • Gigli
  • Maid In Manhattan
  • Shall We Dance?
  • Marry Me

...And others that happened to make this list of J Lo rom-coms. In fact, she has another one, 'Shotgun Wedding' that will be due out later this year. So of all those rom-coms that J Lo has starred in, what is Wyoming's favorite?

I know, you're probably thinking that was a question you never thought you would be asked during the first week of summer in 2022, but yet, here we are. Out of all of the rom-coms in J Lo's career, her most popular seems to be 'Out of Sight' (although it probably shouldn't count). A total of 18 states picked it as their favorite of the selection. But not in Wyoming. It seems we went with the very mediocre 2005 film 'Monster-In-Law'. The movie has an 18 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. That's probably not our finest pick along with the 10 other states that went with it.

I guess it could've been worse, we could've picked 'Gigli' which stars her and real life fiance (the first time), Ben Affleck. That film proved they had some of the worst onscreen chemistry of any real life couple ever. It was just bad. So, there were worse picks out there, Wyoming. To see the full list, you can check it out here in case you're in the mood for a J Lo rom-com this weekend. I'm no rom-com expert, but I would suggest to go stream either 'Out of Sight' or 'Hustlers' if you want to see an actual GOOD movie with J Lo.

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