Another TV show is coming to Colorado to do some filming in Colorado. Maybe we'll see some of our neighbors on the television, along a street that will have a new name when these guys are done.

Colorado has been enticing production companies to come into the state to make movies and TV shows; this HGTV show got a hefty sum to come here. Which block will they end up on?


Ty Pennington, whose name is now synonymous with "TV Home Improvement Shows," is the host of this newer HGTV program, "Rock The Block."  Its had three successful seasons, and has announced that it will film season four, here in Colorado.


According to Denver Business Journal, Colorado's Economic Development Council provided the show nearly $700,000 in rebates and incentives to produce the new season in Larimer County. The show, so far, has filmed in Georgia, South Carolina and Carolina, so having Larimer County on the docket feels like big deal.

The premise of the show, from HGTV:

Top HGTV designers have just weeks and a limited budget to renovate four blank-slate homes on the same block with their signature styles. The designers who net the highest appraisal get bragging rights and a street named in their honor.

Filming of the show won't begin until April of 2023, which gives us all plenty of time to speculate on just exactly "where" they'll be headed. They will be bouncing around other locations in Colorado, too, to get examples of the state's architectural inspirations.

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