Wyoming is a lonely place where old people wither away in boredom, according to a so-called "study". A new YouTube video claims the Cowboy State is the fourth most boring state in America.

"It's so boring and isolated, it's actually kind of scary," HomeSnacks writer Nick Johnson reasoned. "Wyoming residents are also second to Utah for the most number of married, boring, stay-at-home and stare at their phones all night couples."

There's more.

"For many people in Wyoming, Wal-Mart is the only thing to do," Johnson argues. "Wyoming sounds like a teenage nightmare."

But there is some good news.

"If you're a teen in Wyoming watching this, cheer up," Johnson urges. "At least you don't live in Nebraska."

The Cornhusker State finished third on the list of America's most boring places. South Dakota came in second. And congratulations to our neighbors in Idaho. According to an internet troll, you are the most boring state in the country.





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