Like a lot of Colorado residents, I've been to many Denver Broncos games over the years. I can not recall a time ever when Broncos tickets were under $25. These really are dark days.

Are The Denver Broncos Really That Bad?

To answer the common question as of late, "are the Denver Broncos really that bad?" To answer in one word, yes. Sadly, the biggest game in town has been on the struggle bus ever since they won Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, CA, and Peyton Manning rode off into the sunset. Average QB after average QB, we just couldn't fill that void. That was until this past off-season when the "biggest blockbuster trade in Denver Broncos history" went down. Yes, Super Bowl Champion QB, Russell Wilson, was on his way to Denver to lead our team back to the promised land. Or so we thought...

Not only did we not live up to the hype, we didn't even come close. At a dismal record of 3-10, the Denver Broncos have officially been eliminated from to 2022-23 playoff picture with 4 games left to play. Quite possibly our earliest exit in the team's history, and let me tell you, not one person saw that coming in March when we signed Russ. Is it all Russ? No... But we're still a terrible football team this season regardless of whose fault it is. We're so bad in fact that people are practically giving away their tickets to the last two home games.

Get Cheap Denver Broncos Tickets For Under $25

The most I've ever paid for a Broncos ticket was the AFC Championship game vs. the Patriots in 2014. The least I've ever paid for Broncos tickets was about $55 a ticket. These days, you can tickets to either of the last two Broncos games this season at Mile High on the team's official ticket exchange for less than $25... Seriously. We're that bad. Quite a few tickets to choose from too...


As if being 3-10 isn't bad enough, now we're going to have a ton of empty seats in a stadium that currently holds one of the longest sell-out streaks in history. Technically, if the tickets were sold, which most are through season tickets, the record still upholds even if there are re-sale tickets available the day of. If you're looking for something cheap to do on Sunday, and don't mind sitting in 30-degree weather to have your heart stomped on while watching our beloved team punt the ball every 3 plays, get yourself some of these cheap tickets and go cheer your little heart out. Me? I prefer my misery in the comfort of my own living room. Go Broncos.

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