Thanks to 2020 you can get just about anything and everything delivered directly to your house. The thing that has been a problem with the delivery world, is people are either great tippers or they're bad tippers. Tipping plays a major part, at some delivery services, of how quickly or if you get your order.

According to, the average pay for a delivery driver is about $13.01/hour. Obviously that varies depending on the number of deliveries they accept, tips they receive and other money making options. DOORDASH says on their website that the driver receives a delivery fee for every order, add in the tip and there are promotions available that could add money to your pay.

Delivery is pretty convenient, but not necessarily cheap. Convenience comes at a price and a good chunk of that price SHOULD be a tip for the delivery driver. They're out pounding the pavement to make sure your convenience is being delivered to you.

The best part of delivery is you don't have to get dressed, put your shoes on, walk to the car or be face to face with anyone. You have the option to have the delivery driver drop your order off on your front porch. So why WOULDN'T you tip? It seems like the drivers deserve something.

Tipping is always a hot topic

  • How much should you tip?
  • Should you tip a standard amount?
  • Do you tip on service?
  • What factors into the tip you give?

What about delivery drivers for services like DOORDASH, GrubHub, UberEats...etc?

If you don't tip well, they know that you're not a tipper and can reject your order. If you've ever used one of these services, you know that you put the tip in before you get your order. By doing this, the delivery driver knows how much you're going to tip. They can then decide whether it's worth their time to pick the order up.

Being a bad tipper has backfired on many folks that have chosen to have their order delivered, but didn't tip well. There are many videos on TikTok and YouTube that show orders waiting for hours, because the order didn't include a good enough tip.

We always question the tip, because we're paying for the food and a delivery charge already. If you add on a big tip, you could be paying quite a bit for that $6 McDonald's order, right? Some would argue, that if you just got into your car and drove to the drive thru, you'd wouldn't have to give a tip. We go back to the word convenience...that's what you're paying for.

According to an article at Credit, the co-founder of GrubHub Matt Maloney, says a $5 minimum or 20% of the order tip is suggested. William Michael Lynn, who's professor of food and beverage management at Cornell University, say's 15% for decent delivery service and 20% if the driver goes above and beyond in their service.

We're lucky enough here in the Casper area to have local delivery services like Windy City Delivery, Lickety-Split Delivery and Jackalope Delivery. These services work much like the national delivery companies, they're just local.

If you're still wondering what happens when you don't tip a driver, here are a couple videos that really go into detail on how tipping can help your order.

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