It's the question that kids have asked through the it a snow day? What exactly is the amount that it takes to cancel school in Wyoming? A map claims to know and it sounds just about right.

I have to confess that many parts of this map do not look accurate to me. However, what I found on Reddit does look like it gets Wyoming right for the most part. Take a look at it and see if you agree. The bluer the map, the more snow it takes for school to be canceled that day. You'll notice that Wyoming is VERY blue.

So the map claims that it takes about 2 feet of snow for a snow day to be declared in Wyoming? That sounds about right.

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I am pretty sure the Cheyenne Public Schools will be happy to know that I recognize how hard it is to be a school administrator having to make the call of when it's not safe for students to travel. It's not a simple decision and there are kids that depend on school lunches provided for their nutrition.

One other factor this map doesn't take into consideration are wind chills and high wind which we know a thing or two about here in Wyoming. I'd argue that it would take a lot less than 2 feet of snow to call school off if sub-zero temps and wind chills are dangerous.

I saw a story several years ago about a Tennessee school district that put buses on a 2 hour delay because they had a half-inch of snow. In Wyoming, that's a punch line as we pride ourselves on being a bit more rugged than that.

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