It is un-officially summer, and the temperatures are starting to rise. Soon lots of people are going to be flocking to the water (while keeping their social distance). Regardless of how 2020 has gone so far, hopefully this summer shouldn't be much different than years past. The temperature is going to get HOT and people are going to be looking for ways to cool off.

Some of my most and least favorite memories of summer, involve an inner-tube. My fond memories involve a cooler full of beer and a trip down one of our state's many rivers. My least favorite involve traveling at high speeds while being towed behind a speed boat. You know that saying "crashing on water, at speed, is like crashing on concrete?" It's true!

According to

The force you hit at is to do with the deceleration time and your mass F=MA

Hitting concrete, your deceleration time is very short because concrete does not move or compress. So A is very large making F even larger.

Hitting water, the water will be pushed out of the way, deceleration will take longer So F will be large but an order of magnitude or more smaller

So in practical terms.

Hitting concrete either spread or feet first will probably break all the bones in your body and pulverise your organs. Strawberry jam time.

Hitting water flat at 130 mph would likely burst most of your internal organs and most of your long bones broken.

In today's featured video we witness a painful day on the water.

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