Battling the crud? It's going around, and we've got a few suggestions on the "Wyoming-way!"

*Note: None of these are actually proven to help subside a cold, but they can't hurt... well, most of them. 


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    Whip Up Some Wyoming Fireside Beef Goulash

    Delicious, and easy to eat with a cold. Ground beef, potatoes, bell peppers, green lentils, carrots, onions, paprika, and leeks! See the recipe  here! 

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    Soak In A Hot Spring

    Check out Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis, or soak in Saratoga. The steam will be easy to breath, and as a bonus it will help you relax.

  • Ian Delap, Townsquare Media
    Ian Delap, Townsquare Media

    Take A Shot Of Wyoming Whiskey

    It won't help you get over a cold sooner, but it might help you forget you're sick. For even quicker results, take two shots.

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    A Big Cup Of Chugwater Chili

    Stuffed up? This Chugwater, Wyoming made product is the remedy!

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    Grab Some Wyoming Made Honey

    The Wyoming Honey Company is a Mills, Wyoming product and will help that sore throat. Add a teaspoon to a hot cup of tea and you'll be feeling better in no time.

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